Hane no Akari

Friday, 15 May 2009

My favorite websites is called Hane no Akari. It is a site dedicated to manga translated into Spanish, it is best that the frequently updated with the latest manga direct from Japan.

I visited this website every day because the manga update is so fast and their job is so great. I Discovered this site a couple of years ago looking for Tsubasa Chronicles when one of my favorite Mangas of CLAMP (sakura card captors creators). I love this page because it had a lot of very good mangas and his forum is so funny, after you read a chapter of some manga can you comment in the forum and you read the opinion of a lot of people.

My adic...hobby XD

Monday, 4 May 2009

My favourite piece of technology is the video games and portable console. I remember my first time with a video game; my parents gave me the super Nintendo for my 6th birth day with the game named "Don king Kong".

Currently, the video game console have evolved from the times of the legendary Atari, the super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo game cube and finally with the Nintendo Wii and the moving sensors. In my case, the portable console is for me like the Nintendo DS (for the dual screen). The upper screen is normal and the lower screen is a tactile screen. This feature makes the game experience so funny and interactive for example in the game "Trauma center" you play the function of a doctor and with the tactile screen and the pencil you operate on the patient.This theme is my hobby and my addiction, yes, I`m video game addict! But this addiction is so expensive and my budget is not much ^^U