my faculty

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I Study in the faculty of arts in the University of Chile located in the Campus Juan Gomez Milla. My first impression was not very good; I dislike the infrastructure compared to other buildings of the same Campus this faculty doesn’t seem like a faculty of arts.

In my class Project Management have to develop a project in relation with the arts and in my work group thought to adjust a part of the “Patio Ingles” for an exhibition of sculptures and works of art students all outdoors. The first step is to get the appropriate permits, once obtained permission would have to make an estimate of materials needed for the first stage: arranging the area

When we finish this first stage would continue with the call for students to submit their works. Works for the exhibition would be chosen by a group of teachers and will be exhibited for a week or two.

The main idea of this project is make to known the new artists, creating a living & entertaining, improving a common place for both of student and teachers.

well, this project is only to be presented in project management as a task, but I like the idea of fixing the "Patio ingles" and give a little more color to the faculty, maybe we could get started by fixing the bottomless trash

" a la chilena"

Thursday, 1 October 2009

What kinds of things make our identity?

For Brazil is the rhythm, for Argentina is the personality, for Mexico the joy way of living life ( dancing, mariachi, meals, etc.) but what about us?

For Chile are many factors, we are creative, friendly, charismatic, clever etc. But I think the Chilean people are knowing in other parts of the world for our peculiar way of solve the problems (“a la Chilena”) in other words the Chileans are imaginative or maybe because we have a special aura. I am not sure, but I know people of other countries by internet and they ask me “Can I ask you something? Are you Chilean, aren’t you?” and I answer them “yes, I am Chilean but… How do you know it?” They always answer me: “…I was sure about it”.

By now we becoming in a “winner society”, because we want to be the first in arriving, the first of the course, the first in job, the first to get the bus, the first to get the big piece of meat at the barbecue etc. that means we are changing our mentality.

Don’t forget in our days we are knowing for ours sporting people like the tennis player Fernando Gonzalez and the number one Marcelo Rios, the football players David Pizarro and Alexis Sanchez, the swimmer Kristel Kobrich. And I have to mention the most important t.v man in the world Don Francisco

At last, is curious but in the news or surfing in the net you have always find one or two or more news about Chileans in other countries doing something crazy. That is true, if you don’t believe me, look it for yourselves watching the video below: