Theory and History of Arts

Monday, 27 April 2009

well, the theme of this weak is my career. i`m studying Theory and History of Arts in the "universidad de chile", is my second year in this career and i like it so much because I love the art and the history. I learned so much in the last year and I hope learn more in the future.
The last weak my class of American art go to a exhibition in " la Moneda" envelope sacred art of the coloni in chile. the name of the exposition is "Chile mestizo: tesoros coloniales" one of the responsible for the exposition is an historian of art. i like so much this exposition and the job of the historian of arts in charge of this exhibition.
i`m not sure what thing i do in the future but i wanted help the progress of the culture in Chile with my knowledge and my work. One of my dreams is turn into in a great professional, writing articles in newspaper or in magazine of art and teaching in the university.

A travel in a peace of history.....

Monday, 20 April 2009

Every years in Summer vacation I visiting my mother family in Talca. In 2007 I tacked in Talca`s Train station a train to Constitucion with my father and my cousins karina and Roly. The travel during 4 hours but the landscape are so beautifully.
The train is named " El Ramal" its a tipe special of train calling "buscarril" because it is like a "micro" in the middle of the countryside and its history remounted 50 years old.
When finally arriving to Constitucion, my cousins and I started talking like a Spanish's tourist, the people of the artisans fair believe our actuation and started over charged.
After the lunch we walked for the beach and I taked a lot of picture with my cousins.
I ever remember this day with a lot of good memorys.

My World, My Way

Monday, 13 April 2009

My name is Camila Fernánadez Cáceres
and my nickname is "Kei"
because I liked
mangas and Japanese animation a lot.

I am a student of Theory of Arts
and living with my parents and my Dog Ron in a little house.
My Mom is a nutritionist and my Dad is a English teacher.

see you later guys!!