Thursday, 5 November 2009

In the area of arts, specifically in the area of theory we have a lot of challenges. The career is not very known in the world but we have the chance to change this. First we have to take the advantage of the technology. In the arts, for example, the technology is so important and necessary for the contemporary style, like the Net art. In the theory and historic area the new technologies is so important because you can find in the internet a lot of vital information for investigations or thesis. The audio visual material is now so accessible compared to previous decades where the video record or the photography doesn’t exist.

In education is very important implement the teaching of the theory and the historic of arts because the new generations don’t know how to appreciate the art like paintings or sculptures, or know the news tendency in the arts. This is important for the cognitive development of the children and a correct development of the culture. Implement more projects in relation with the culture like create more spaces for the exposition of new artist, create artist activities in primaries and middles schools like music bands, drawing curses, theatre clubs.

The road is so large for solved all of this problems, is necessary a lot of energy and determination but in this country exists the resources; the only thing left is more people with experience ready to fight for that will.