What would like to be doing in 5 years from now?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Well, I not sure because I not thinking in my future so much but one of my dreams is to travel through Europe to visit museums and monuments. In my future work I would like to work in something related to my career like teaching in the university or write articles for arts magazines. In the next 5 years I do not think that I am married but I would like to have a family as cute as mine. I would like to live in a house in the city because I don’t like the apartments and I would like to have a large garden with many flowers and trees so that my dog can run and play. Another of my dreams for the future is not losing the contact with my dear friends because I think they are part of my family because they are like brothers to me. The truth is that I have many dreams for the future and I want to become true some of them maybe not in 5 years but if one day they become in truth.

My dears Friends

Monday, 1 June 2009

I know is too late to post this but I do anyway for my friends ^.^

I have seven best friends and the people know us as Mosketeras.I know this is a big group but each of them is very important for me. Well, my friend´s names are Javiera, Andrea, Catalina, Evelyn, Traudy, Nicole and Constanza but I writhe about one of them: Javiera. Because she writhe about me in her blog and this is a way to say thank to her.

I know Javiera (and my other friends to) in my first year in the high school. At that time she looked a very serious and mature person but only in the outside, in the inside she is a very cheerful and sensitive person, and she is crazy but I love her for that reason.

Javiera, more knowing like “llela” is studying public administration in Universidad de Chile, is very sociable and all of her friends is love her.

she love her dogs and give them names of literary characters like Otello and Amaranta. Otello is a shitzu and is very hiperactivy and sociable dog, Amaranta is a Show-show dog, is so big and look like a lion and does not like strangers.

I am drawing a comic where my friends are the main characters, i have working in this comic for five years and still not finished. the story of the comic is about of a group of girls who have a music band named "True light" and its many adventures in their school life.

I dedicate these few words to my dear friends, especially lleli because you will read it and I'd like to tell you I love you so much and I hope to remain your friend for a long time.