What would like to be doing in 5 years from now?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Well, I not sure because I not thinking in my future so much but one of my dreams is to travel through Europe to visit museums and monuments. In my future work I would like to work in something related to my career like teaching in the university or write articles for arts magazines. In the next 5 years I do not think that I am married but I would like to have a family as cute as mine. I would like to live in a house in the city because I don’t like the apartments and I would like to have a large garden with many flowers and trees so that my dog can run and play. Another of my dreams for the future is not losing the contact with my dear friends because I think they are part of my family because they are like brothers to me. The truth is that I have many dreams for the future and I want to become true some of them maybe not in 5 years but if one day they become in truth.


Dani said...

Hello Camila
Nice future, I would also like to travel to europe and study there

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