Level 4

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Animals are part of our lives, they give us your love and company, give us moments of joy. it is only fair that we also want the best for them but there are many cases where animals are victims of abuse and neglect and their abusers to escape punishment.
The reality is that: in Chile doesn’t exist laws in protection of the animal’s rights. Slightly over half of the population in Chile have a pet and theme is considering a part of the family. But some people don’t care theirs pets or abandoned them to their fate. when you have a pet you have a responsability with them, the animal abuse begins with the irresponsible owners. animals end up wandering the streets and suffer the consequences of the neglect of human. therefore it is important to take care of our pets because they also have life and feelings.

For some time ago I saw in the news in the tv the noticed of a protector of animals that kept the poor animals in appalling conditions, had no food or water and they were full of parasites. many people to protest at this abuse, and punishment for those responsible but for different charges to animal abuse. so I think that there should be formal laws for animal protection in addition to existing institutions and that people should be aware if you have a pet and not going to care as it is better not to have a pet.


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