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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Santiago is a very big city (not compare with the New York city but is nice) with a lot of places to visit. The tourist can go to many places depending on their tastes. If they like the cultural tours, the first place go to visiting is the Cathedral next to the “plaza de armas”, after the Government PalaceLa Moneda” and its cultural centre that offers the public many exhibitions of varied content. The next place to visit is the “Bellas Artes” museum with a large collection of paintings and sculptures or the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art). Well, one of is my favourite tours is the “San Cristobal” hill. In this place the tourist can find many places of interest like a Zoo with many types of animals or a Japanese Garden. Also are cable cars with which you can climb the hill or if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground can also be walking. In the Hill’s summit is a statue of the “Virgen Del Carmen” patron of Chile.

Santiago may seem a Gray city, but the tourists can find a lot of activities and places to see and visiting. However we must consider certain things:

1. Plan your travel whit time to avoid the problems

2. Always keep a map handy, you never know when you lose (I say this from my experience )

3. Always be careful with things like your camera or your money.

4. always fun all you can ^.^


macarena said...

Is very important to take a lot of time, and to be relax for the differents things that can occur in a travel...

:) Bye!

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